Heal by Frequency

Heal by Frequency 

Healy is a new bio-resonance device that uses a quantum sensor that reads your bio energetic field.  


How can Healy help you...

* Chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine.

*It is known to help with Mental balance, stress, sleep disorders, and depression.

* It can scan your body for imbalances with your health, Meridians activation, emotional and hormonal balance, gastrointestinal issues, skin treatment, physical optimisation. 

* Enhanced learning capabilities, concentration, and memory.

*  You can scan your energy field and vibrate frequencies from Australian Bush remedies, Bach Flower remedies, 


Healy Brochure  Frequency device Healy manual Healy analyse brochure


Here's a list of the programs: 

Here's the Healy manual:

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