Do you want to change your life ?

Are you looking ready to change your life and through connection, with the right support move forward in the next six months and make it happen?

My offer to you is this...

I feel at this time we are all looking for a new future and this is my offer to get you there, with ease, grace and the support you never imagined possible. We will see, listen and support each other through these ever changing times.

I’ve been doing lots of aura scans and giving frequencies to various people who have asked for a session. Many have now suggested they would now like one to one sessions with me, which of course I would love to offer. 

If you haven't experienced an Aura Scan and are interested please book a call with me and I am happy to provide on for you, FREE of charge.

My proposal to you is: 

To commit to Weekly Zoom group: 

I would like to offer this FREE for six months, weekly, approx 1-2 hours.

(Date and time to be discussed to accommodate the group). 

Connecting, being present for what is showing up for you and the group.  

Aim to support each other in times of massive change on all levels emotional, physical, spiritual and learn to be compassionate and present for each other. We have so much innate wisdom, let’s gather and share it. 


Get in touch with me for an intro call or an aura scan


These are the price options for a Healy:

GOLD                                   EURO   417.00

HOLISTIC HEALTH             EURO   837.00

AURA                                   EURO 1,257.00

RESONANCE.                     EURO 1,670.00

PROFESSIONAL                 EURO 4,169.00 

Plus any local taxes in European. Please check with me the final price.

These daily frequencies will energetically support you through these times of change, on physical, emotional, and on a spiritual level.

If you are ready you can buy your Healy here or ask me and I can set up your account.  

When buying a Healy use the shop in your region: 

Healy shop in EUROPE 

Healy shop in AUSTRALIA

Healy shop in ASIA 

Healy shop in USA

Healy shop in INDIA 

(Healy offers a 14 day no questions asked return policy should you decide it's not for you).  


Book a Call 

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Love and blessings 

Alice 🦋🌈💛🙏

Connect to the courage and learn to trust your innate wisdom to follow your path.