Testimonials for Bio Resonance Scans


How the remote Bio Resonance sessions have helped people.

Testimonial from Angela

I can't explain how the frequencies work, what I can say is that during a very difficult period Alice supported me long distance with them, and although the challenges were a turning up from many fronts, I was able to handle them in ways I hadn't before. I have surprised myself with the choices I've been making and the resilience I've been able to tap into, and thinly new help in my life was Alice's. I am truly grateful for her kindness and support.

Testimonial from Frank 

The Frequencies have helped me maintain positivity and health whilst being an aid in creating abundance.  This was all via remote healing from the other side of the world. 

I am just about to purchase a Healy and I am very much looking forward to using the device to aid in creating music to help with joint pain as well as exploring other possibilities with this fantastic device. 

Testimonial from Jennifer

I feel so grateful for your help the other night, as I was in a tremendous about of pain. I managed to sleep well and I remained calm and at peace leading up to my operation.

Testimonial from Carrie

Words can’t describe how grateful I am to Alice. I reached out to her to try the effects of the Bio Resonance device. She sent me frequencies remotely, to help me sleep. I also noticed my skin which often became irritated at night improved too. 

Testimonial from Rebecca 

I was super sceptical I’ll admit, I couldn’t get my head around the remote frequency stuff, but with all of my multiple conditions (Chronic I should add) working with you and the Healy has been amazing!

Testimonial from Ivy

Receiving frequencies from Alice was a beautiful gift. So much of what she shared resonated and helped me see the landscape of my life through a new lease. She is warm, wise and compassionate guide whose passion for this tool comes through. 

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